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  1. Grey B.

    Has this been solved, yet? I'd love to check it out myself, if it isn't.

  2. Simply A fox

    Hes now even making theorys on Mobil games

  3. Wendy van 't Zelfde

    Moeder is in the neterlands mom

  4. _Zhn_

    I don't know how MatPat was able to stay positive after witnessing those countless cringy ads

  5. Katie H

    What's funny is that I get real ads for these types of games, and I like them so I play them, I've only seen the weird ones after getting them

  6. Andrew Li


  7. thatoneguy

    12:44 moeder is the dutch word for mother. Maybe the devs are dutch and forgot to change the name. But this definitely confirms it's the mother faking her death.

  8. The Game Portal

    Moeder means mother in dutch

  9. Finn Mertens

    Moeder is mother in dutch

  10. gary rogers jr

    The next therey chanol shold be song thery

  11. Horizons gone

    So is no one talking about that this is 2 on trending

  12. Vocalic Woof

    0-0 wow

  13. Powerketchap 101

    Lmao imagine being dutch and knowing what moeder is in dutch

  14. Agent Kitty_Cat

    12:47 just wanted to say that moeder means mother in dutch

  15. Światowid Cieśślak

    I'm not realy into telenovelas.

  16. Marinde van Belle

    “Moeder” is actually Dutch for “mother” ;)

  17. Celia Carvalho

    Somebody helps this poor man to understand that William Afton is springtrap! And that he always comes back! ``I always come back!´´

  18. zxrlorn

    I personally find the game boring asf

  19. PokéWolf Gacha


  20. variancy

    POV: you're coming back to where it all started for the nostalgia

  21. Collin

    yaaaa mike helped

  22. George W. Bush


  23. roza cerchez

    do more #scrub

  24. graydog roblox


  25. *Aura_FlowerYT*

    Omg he’s done it! He’s done a Lily’s garden theory! Yes!!

    1. *Aura_FlowerYT*

      I was expecting this to be on Film theory bc ads, But this is still gonna be great!

  26. Darkness Warrior

    Why is pillager's skin different why is it so different than the villagers?

  27. Alean Kennedy

    i like the three sixty few like i wish more things were like that but its soo scary :/

  28. Nicholas Manson

    Joe Biden and ex military Edgar Stephen Wallace have started the war on America with pure stupidity and now we suffer even further. Stop the revolution of morons and snuff out the field mice we call non bionary

  29. Rocky Portolesi

    Are you gonna make a video about scot Gotham being crazy

  30. CrushLP710

    Malternativ is a german youtuber that did a theory on lilys Garden i didnt watch the Episode yet but check out if you had the same timeline

  31. T4ha Games

    Ben 10 omniverse. Theory Edit: but make one that actually make sense Edit 2: you will need to bring inktank to help you

  32. Ryan .J

    If your mass is added to the portal when you enter, and removed from the other when you come out the other side, could that mean that instead of teleporting, you're actually being completely erased and absorbed by one portal, and a completely identical clone of yourself (at the moment before you were erased) is created and launched out of the second portal?

  33. Lotus Dé goddess

    Saberspark did it first

  34. Lydia Schneider

    Lore you say? Seems like you would like the Sims franchise

  35. dsmgamer 1st

    Moeder is mother in the Dutch

  36. Stardust Senpai

    I’m confused for a different reason now. How did you even MANAGE TO DO THIS!?

  37. Cody Scott

    Ah yes when it was all simple

  38. MexicanBot

    10 am, whatching a Game Theory about Lily's garden ads, life is good

  39. Upsetchicken

    I love how Austin always explains how something doesn't makes sense in a unique euphoric exagerated and amazing way

  40. sir loin

    No,just no; how is this a thing...

  41. Shades & Co

    I want more! Please

  42. Claire Gillies

    Why are these games so popular

  43. The Fun Pig

    Shouldn’t the new robots be from sister location because they open up

  44. Jake Barclay

    I have two plush toads in my room should I be scared matpat

  45. Pee ee ee pee ee ee Productions

    Did anybody else notice that the intro song sounded alot like mr bean cartoons intro song?

  46. the great radio man yt✔

    I got an ad for gardening

  47. Adam Evbuomwan

    So ended an don’t teleport

  48. Spooks

    Shouldnt this be more of a film theory because matt mainly looks through the ads and not much in the game?

  49. Upsetchicken

    15:38 I just realized that Austin has dandruffs over his head

  50. Jack Dreamer

    "Moeder" is the germanic "Mother". Nothing to do with murder.

  51. ShinyInfernape

    We getting a new ddlc theory?

  52. Sasu123456789x1

    This was hilarious!! 🤣👏🏾

  53. Fell Hermit

    The micro transactions are the worst part of mobile (and screen size) (and controls) But very few of my friends have Java 😩

  54. Olivia Jeon

    Plot Twist: Time doesn't exist

  55. Dusk Alimar

    I see someone watches Saberspark

  56. Ashe


  57. inge meutermans

    Moeder means mother in dutch and since the ad was about her mother it can be what they meant.

  58. foolish0ctis

    I think a historical theory show would be amazing. I remember in 2007 my first day of World History in college and my professor wrote "Columbus is a lie" on the board. Learning about the truth of Columbus genuinely blew my mind. (I know it's common knowledge now but I'm from small town conservative Kentucky where you question nothing.) After that finding more and more falsehoods in History has always been so interesting to me.

  59. The Maiden's Revenger

    I knew it was coming...

  60. Pandaplay 202

    Nobody: Blaine after cheating, lying and being a bad person: I always come back

  61. PineTree

    Is that what I think it is ? 8:38

  62. the trash one

    Its not deadly lol

  63. Fam Bam Network

    What about unwon it doesn't have fur

  64. crepdet

    That intro is how I have to imagine the two sleeping

  65. Pog Heiter

    Finally stephanie got her own .png cutout \(:v)/

  66. Aayan K

    Now, it makes sense that is on game theory, because it’s about CONTROL and in a game you control the character.

  67. exotic butters

    Matheww Patrick sleeps in the same bed with his wife. He has a child. There might be... of Mathew and his wife Stephanie don't want to look it up.

    1. exotic butters

      Thats just a theory A MATPAT THEORY.

  68. Ic3 Dr4g0n

    Or maybe pokemon in the anime get strong the regular way by actually training and not magically getting stronger if you k.o a rat or two

  69. Salome Koiava

    DR DOOM WAS IN THE FIRST SPIFER MAN it was a challenge to get all the bombs

  70. Abdar Khan

    Red is a capitilist color too

  71. Z W

    there is 2.1k dislikes BECAUSE OF ALL THE PUNS!

  72. Carol Urban

    When your name is Lilly 😃🔫

  73. Chris007 Ssundee

    When are minecraft videos?

  74. Ayoub Bouzgueni

    ummm one question.... what?

  75. Stegosaur 98

    The only thing I've heard about the game apart from the ads Is thay they are very misleading

  76. A-10 Warthog

    All of this lore for a damn Tile Matching Game.

  77. Tony Banan

    I've seen that guy from the opening in penny and flo adds

  78. Nicholas De Lima

    1000000000000000000 iq

  79. Alexstian

    you should buy the coca cola company and make a mystery game that is in the cans. the more cans you have you will be able to unlock a mystery and solve it.