Game Theory: The Secret Lore of Friday Night Funkin'...

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    What is Friday Night Funkin'? Well, it is not your average DDR-esk game, that's for sure! You see, when this game started to make it's rounds around FIblock, I got a lot of requests to cover it. So I started researching. Theorists, this game is FULL of lore... and it gets WEIRD! Seriously, you will have to watch to believe it.

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Koen Verhagen
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Remia Loquias

      The monster we see on top is the real monster and that monster that “matpat”predicted is a robot First of all im making my own theory of why monster want to eat gf first of all the parents made demons head a lemon and he said i will eat your newborn child and her bf will protect her. Plus im a psychic demon

    2. Remia Loquias

      Bf:papara ritz nice brothers lessgo

    3. Cool Cuzz

      Do manifest please

    4. Jenny Balbuena

      Please keep doing

    5. Yilaey The Frog

      Be-Bop go finish writing that next theory

    6. Jackson Stallbaum

      spirt is a pool of blood

    7. ✧ Sophia Games ✧

      MatPat! PLEASE DO PART 2! PLEASEEEEE! I really want to hear about the Tankman week!

    8. JeriTheWeirdChild

      Let’s just appreciate the little song at the start

    9. Roxana22 Guevara

      Who knew Friday night funkin had lore

    10. JaxonDraws_

      Just saying in week 6 the girls in the background on the 2 song there eyes turn white which could mean that there is more than one of the demons in the game which could be saying the dad could of tried to send just the boyfriend but he accidentally sent the girlfriend in there two.

    11. Kiera Nickel

      neil cicierega turned cannibal confirmed? /j

    12. Sky Lord64

      Well he can't be the Santa because he's in the background

    13. hunter reviews and more

      bee, se bop boo! (matpat, please make more!)

    14. gabito2300

      More pls

    15. Michael Carter

      I"m sick of Trevor Noah ads breaking into the content when I can't reach my phone... Noah is the opposite of a comedian, someone that tries to depress everyone by making up stuff...

    16. pup chocolate

      lol (press enter to cringe) XD

    17. viviana


    18. Brandy LaVoie

      Lemon guy is really one of the backup dancers because if you look at the color of his neck, it is the same skin color as the backup dancers. By the way me and my brother enjoy watching your videos.

    19. Knoledge

      I thought they pushed Santa out of the chair and held him at gunpoint so he wouldn't call security.

    20. Matthew Hughes

      Bro my dude can make tetris have lore to it

    21. kiddygirlygirl

      I love the spooky💀

    22. blue fire wolf v

      btw no santa is not the monster bc monster was ontop like the screen next to hatsune miku

    23. Sree polavaram

      More fnf

    24. UtopiaAnopia

      15:13 I relate so hard. I love Mark to death but he's woken me up quite a few times lol

    25. Ameer Hossain

      when part 2 com out

    26. Super Cool Man

      “…and pump. Characters from” *AD BREAK* “NERDS!!”

    27. x 1.50

      What is the song name of the game theory intro

      1. Chris Brochu

        It’s called game theory intro

    28. SS - 06SK 784050 Cashmere Avenue PS

      pvz lore and part 2 of fnf

    29. Leon Hickey

      Be bop go finish the theory.

    30. Wigadama

      *_Glaube an Dich. Du bist mutiger als du denkst, talentierter als du denkst und zu mehr fähig, als du dir vorstellst_* ✨🌹✨

    31. Benjamin Hernandez Orengo

      MatPat, please make a theory on week7

    32. Z BOYZ Parker

      Lemon head is not santa lemon demon was on the right hand side watching everyone sing watch a video on that part the camera angle changes and you see him when the cam goes to the right

    33. sadie tucker

      Be-bap-go finishing writing that next theory

    34. Cassie E Carpenter

      Do more friday night please!

    35. zxrlorn

      I personally find the game boring asf

    36. PokéWolf Gacha

      Be-bop-go MAKE ANOTHER 1 MATPAT

    37. ko Friday night funky girl

      Absolutely yes yes yes

      1. ko Friday night funky girl

        #Friday night funky

    38. _Dreamy_

      Is it just me or when matpat walks away and the dog comes in did bf say "THe fok?" 😂

    39. Micheal Afton

      Sounds like some FNAF.

    40. perfect purpel player

      fake. monster aperes in the bacronde of weck 4 in the first end second song

    41. Melvern Sipahutar

      0:29 what's the original song????

    42. Adrián Fernández Gálvez

      "Press Enter to Cringe"

      1. GamingAnimators


    43. jason crawford

      make an egg theory

    44. Holly Maxwell

      I thought this was about Josh and the boys... but apparently I have a very Niche video preference.

    45. Malcolm Allen

      WHERE IS PT 2

    46. yasio bolo

      The fact that I got a Friday Night Funkin ad in the middle of this video lmfaooo. I've only ever gotten Friday Night Funkin once or twice.

    47. Electric Speedruns

      The santa is not the lemon demon look at the right side of the bench you can see him standing there....

      1. yasio bolo

        actually attacks the party and "winter horrorland is on the balcony of the same mall

    48. sr_prox

      Fun fact: gf is a demon

    49. Ivy Amplayo

      Your wring

    50. pog champ

      bruh, MatPat just sees Mall Santa and Monster in same square, yup, same person. Like maybe DD and MM wanted to ruin BF shopping?

    51. Theo boss lol


    52. Agent Three

      I would WANT more FNF theories.

    53. โดนัท เนเน่


    54. Deidra Waggoner

      Mat pat when something proves his theory wrong ima just gonna ignore that

    55. KingFuture001 !

      Beebopgo finish it.

    56. Kid Slice

      Another video on this would be cool

    57. arman uddinRohim

      nice pc game channel #iconicgaminghub nice pc game channel #iconicgaminghub

    58. ♡Brooklyn Brown♡

      FINNALY BRO FINNALY OME ABOUT FNF also shout out pls

    59. PileOfRubishh

      "press enter to cringe" 0:29 "pararappa reference" 0:26

    60. Jessica Jensen

      what happend to boy friends parents

    61. Parsogross

      Hold up mearest isn’t a word I always just assumed the moms name was mommy dearest but I guess not

    62. Pam Cairns


    63. gorillaman19751

      the lemon demon is literally neil cicirega or LEMON DEMON that is my favorite thing ever

    64. Levi Bard

      Actually, you can see the lemon demon on the balcony in the mall along with Henry stickman, pico, skid and pump i believe, and a bunch of other people. So the lemon demon actually attacks the party and "winter horrorland is on the balcony of the same mall

    65. SmaugSlayr 28

      When you realize that FNF is one letter away from FNAF 😳😳😳 -do i need to say that this is a joke or-

    66. Ana Cortez

      Mat: *theorizing* Bf: 👇👆👈👉👆👇👆👇👉👇👈👇👆👇👉👇👉👇👇👈👇👉👈👆👉👇👆👆👆👉👈👇👉👇👆

    67. Rayna Labine

      Be bop bo make finish the theory

    68. Ashen Onixe Gaming

      Wait...isnt is mommy must murder?...he says mommy mearest but the devs stated its actually mommy must murder....

    69. Ivy Rose

      Make one more

    70. Puzzle Piece

      It all comes back to souls

    71. Felix

      Oh man the week 5 song with demon is really good, it’s a bit strange but lots of songs are strange if you listen to the lyrics

    72. Comrade К


    73. Silver UwU

      as a parappa lover, i appreciate the parappa ref.

    74. Spring Bonnie Vids

      Pumpkin pie monster

    75. James Schnell

      MatPat be-Bop-go finish writing that next theory

    76. ajm8 Jr

      “Press enter to cringe”

    77. Verified Tiky✔️

      (All names) Week 3 :Pico Week 2 : skid and pump Week 6 :senpai Week 6 spirit

    78. June Frances

      Anyone ever think these youtube videos have beeper hidden theories? As like a super meta Kinda thing lol

    79. Angelique Fisher

      We need more!! Beep boop bep skeep!

    80. not cheesey

      Boyfriend be like: man this demon guy makes me want to *FUNK*

    81. jetpacy

      Monster has nothing to do with the backup dancers

    82. Luke McEntire

      He must make the next

    83. Slowpizza1212

      fun fact about week 2 monster told skid and pump that girlfriend is made out of candy and they are rap battling over her

    84. Voidling studios official ✔️

      I’m going to do a game theory theory now

    85. Jecobe

      santa is dead confirmed by the devs

    86. bred

      More FNF pleasee

    87. MetalSky31

      I have my own little theory. GF is actually helping out her mother and father and GF is trying to i guess "keep" BF in a way so then her parents can trap him. My evidence, while this isn't canon but in one of the mods, GF's uncle tells him that she is just using him. But hey, that's just a theory, a game theory.

    88. kenza fahim

      Lemon demon: and then I'm gonna eat your girlfriend Me :NO NO YOUR NOT GONNA EAT MY GIRLFRIEND

      1. kenza fahim


    89. kenza fahim


    90. kenza fahim

      I'm gonna tell you what bf say (Translation ) "yes I know some facts and I'm better than you axe"

    91. Shawn Lenihan

      Matpat be-bop go finish writing the next Friday Night Funkin' theroy

    92. Owen Nguyen

      0:01 and this is the start to Rap Pat. lol

    93. ungubungu

      wdym half demon girlfriend both her parents are demons or are they

    94. Melissa Asmann

      Part two part two part two part two

    95. Dylan Lopez

      This game is stupid

    96. Popcorn

      Beep bop bo

    97. Noah Watatani